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Big pipe head Big pipe Small pipe head Small pipe For MGAs
For MGAs
For MGAs
New insurance products are defined in days rather than months or years

Rapidly develop and distribute your products in as little as a few days with the Ledgertech technology platform. We provide the flexibility and reliability MGAs need to launch, iterate, and scale new products with minimal effort and cost


  • Unique digital insurance product configurator
  • Using the Ledgertech platform, with its secured ledger, allows participants across the insurance eco-system to share data
  • Improving the actuarial cycle
  • Dynamically generated and branded UX/UI
  • No need for complicated internal processes
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Offer your customers access to what they need when they need it; this includes insurance. Ledgertech enables you to complement your product or service offerings with our embedded insurance solution to create seamless, convenient, and personalized experiences


  • Increase revenues and create a clear, actual, and significant added value to your customers
  • Profit immediately with embedded micro insurance offers - develop a simple, affordable & mass-production insurance product
  • Leverage data-driven insights: access your customer data, enabling better risk assessment and pricing to drive your profitability
  • Gamification platform to incentivize good driving behavior with a high adoption rate and low churn
  • Develop a personalized service array based on your customer needs
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Provide a true digital experience for customers and brokers

In the digital-first era, customers want to engage with insurers online, and agents want to focus their time advising on more complex policies. With Ledgertech, insurers can deliver both. Our agile technology platform gives insurers the flexibility required to attract new clients, improve the agent channel, and stay ahead of the competition


  • Build and launch data-driven digital insurance products that match a new economy ecosystem
  • Benefit from a fully customized web/mobile insurance experience and improve customer engagement & retention
  • Join our ecosystem to provide fronting or become an Insurance As A Service provider
  • Reduce integration time and cost of new technology/data components to drive new digital insurance products
  • No need for complicated internal processes
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Maximize your customer base value

By providing end-to-end technology, coverage, and products through the Ledgertech platform we help you maximize the value of your customer base: increase sales, reduce back-office costs, and provide better service. Offer a fully digital customer journey based on ease of use, self-service (mobile/web), automation, and speed


  • Fully integrated digital Agency Management System
  • Increase sales via digital channels
  • Reduce back-office costs through automation
  • Better service to a customer
  • Better prices and commissions – stronger buying power
  • Transparent portfolio profitability
Big pipe head Big pipe Small pipe head Small pipe For RE-INSURERS
Maximize your deal-flow visibility

Become a Ledgertech ecosystem partner to provide capacity for new MGA products and embedded insurance. Enjoy better risk transfer management and data-driven digital underwriting


  • Gain exposure to new MGAs/Insurtech deal-flow for new insurance products
  • Reduce underwriting risk and improve loss ratio by using AI and technology-driven data analysis
  • Better risk transfer management by putting a risk “price tag” on each customer and risk source
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Become a Partner
Become a partner

Want to learn how the Ledgertech platform can help you create insurance products that better serve your customers?

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